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News and Advice

Always on the Front Page!

Lexis Nexis

Prud’homme & Baum participates in the constitution and the updating of documentation for notaries, their teams and legal professionals in general.

Research and documentation, the heart of the notary profession


rud’homme & Baumis invested in updating specific documentation, both for use by professionals and companies, and for teaching-staff and students. For both the summary sheets for the “Juriclasseur” legal encyclopaedia, or updating entries for property leasing, this mission makes it possible to meet the requirements related to staying up to date with legal developments.

A constantly developing sector


his is a very exacting task that requires a great deal of research work and an in-depth study of the legislation, the doctrine and case law. As committed professionals, we provide our legal expertise and our information literacy skills to preparing exhaustive documentation, with the knowledge that the quality of legal documentation determines the quality of the research work that must be performed by all legal professionals.

As Professor Mazeaud wrote in 1945: “Knowing how to research, i.e. knowing how to combine the documentation to study a subject or answer a question, is essential for a legal professional. 

Through this important work, the teams from Prud’homme & Baum monitor legal developments and case law in order to always offer you the best guidance for your proceedings and expert advice.

Prud’homme & Baum, notaries in a Partnership, Paris,
advises and guides you every step of the way.