Trust us to guide you


Trust us to guide you

Union - Pacs - marriage - concubinage :get advice from a notary

Prud’homme & Baum is there to guide you at every stage in your life and to help you to find the legal framework that best meets with your family plans – be it for a marriage, Pacs (French civil partnership) or for cohabitation.

Au notary's role as advisor at the start of a union


he staff and notaries intervene from the outset according to your family structure, and use their expertise to guide you through the choices with which you are faced.

At the start of your life as a couple, many questions arise: beginning a relationship involves rights, obligations and has consequences for everyday life.

Prud’homme & Baum will advise you on the most appropriate regime: Concubinage, Pacs, marriage with or without a contractual basis, indivisum, separation of property, universal community of assets, joint ownership of property acquired after marriage, etc. We are there to answer all your questions, to allow you to organise your life as a future couple.

Advice throughout your cohabitation, Pacs or marriage


rud’homme & Baum also makes it possible for you to adapt the legal framework according to the development of your family and your assets. Meeting with the Firm often provides an opportunity to raise new questions and to find the appropriate solutions, either during the union or to prepare for the future: a change in the matrimonial regime, last will and testament, etc.

Advice about cohabitation, Pacs, marriage contracts, changing your matrimonial regime: Prud’homme & Baum is there to guide you at all the key stages of your life, to assist you and inform you.

Prud’homme & Baum, notaries in a Partnership, Paris,
advises and guides you every step of the way.