Trust us to guide you


Trust us to guide you

Buying/selling property: get advice from a notary

When you are buying or selling real estate in France the transaction must be handled by a notary in order for the deed of sale to be valid. Prud’homme & Baum will advise and guide you every step of the way.

What role does a notary play in real estate transactions ?


ll real estate transactions in France, including between private individuals, must be handled by a notary.

As a public official, they ensure that the agreement is performed correctly and certify the deeds of sale.

The deed ensures the legal security of the property transaction.

Prud’homme & Baum, a notary that guides you


n this context, Prud’homme & Baum contributes to preparing the files and reviewing all of the documents required to perform the purchase or sale of property, in particular the due diligence – legal audit, thirty-year history of title, analysing any easements, and relations with banks.

For cases that require expertise in different fields, Prud’homme & Baum can form a dedicated team under the supervision of one of more notaries.

Our firm will advise you for the acquisition, sale or leasing of property or portfolios of property for residential use, in Paris or anywhere in France.

Prud’homme & Baum, notaries in a Partnership, Paris,
advises and guides you every step of the way.