Trust us to guide you


Trust us to guide you

Apostille, legalisation of your documents

A specific team at Prud’homme & Baum is dedicated to the legalisation of your documents. Indeed, some documents require an apostille*, legalisation** or certification.

Notaries and the legalisation of documents: a bespoke service


otaries are one the French legal professions that are vested with the authority to apply the French seal to a document to be certified. They are authorised to legalise and certify a signature.

Legalising a signature is the “formality by which the veracity of a signature and the capacity in which the signatory of an instrument has acted are certified”.

Certification acknowledges the signature of a named person. It certifies that the signature on a document is that of the person in question.

For requests for the legalisation of documents, we will perform all the legal procedures required with consulates, embassies or authorities on your behalf.

We make every effort to meet your most urgent requirements.

You will be informed as soon as the procedures are complete.

*An apostille is intended to verify the authenticity of the origin of an official instrument such as legal deeds, notarised instruments, diplomas, certificates from public examinations, civil status documents (copies of proof of identity, passports, birth certificates, etc.), legalised contracts, etc. Thy can be obtained in France from the Cour d’Appel where documents were issued for the jurisdiction of the requester.

** Legalisation certifies the authenticity of the signature on an instrument, the capacity of the signatory and, where appropriate, the identity of a seal or stamp on a document. Some foreign authorities sometimes require the legalisation of French documents.

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