Working to accomplish your ambitions


Working to accomplish your ambitions

Corporate law: guidance at every key stage (creation, sale and financing)

The notaries at Prud’homme & Baum and our teams guide you for all your corporate projects: when you create your company, during corporate life or when you sell or pass on your company.

Get legal advice from the creation of your company through to its sale or transfer


n France, notaries play an essential role for companies. They can intervene throughout the life of a company to assist you in making the best choices, developing and protecting your personal assets and those of your company or advising you about how to sell or transfer your business.

When you create your company, we guide you to identify the most appropriate legal structure for your activity, and ensure that your personal assets are protected.

We will be there to assist you throughout the life of your company and ensure legal monitoring for your business and/or offer you legal assistance for any financing that you may require. We will also assist you in developing your company’s assets and answer all your questions regarding taxation.

Finally, when you wish to sell or transfer your business, we will study the consequences of the sale and/or transfer with you to ensure that you have full control of all the legal and fiscal aspects with regard to your assets.

The notaries form Prud’homme & Baum are there to help you develop your company with peace of mind.

Prud’homme & Baum, notaries in a Partnership, Paris, advises and guides you every step of the way.