Working to accomplish your ambitions


Working to accomplish your ambitions

Companies and directors

Whether it be help for creating your company or advice for managing corporate assets, Prud’homme & Baum is there to company directors at every stage of professional life.

Prud’homme & Baum has dedicated one of its departments to companies and directors in order to meet your specific needs.

Creating a company: advice from a notary


o you wish to create a company or take the reins of an existing company? The advice of a notary may prove invaluable. Prud’homme & Baum helps you to choose:

  • The legal form of your company;
  • The different tax options available to you;
  • Solutions for the sale or how to transfer your business to your nearest and dearest (transfer of company shares, Dutreil Agreement, intra-family transfer, etc.);
  • The means to finance your activities.

Managing your corporate assets

Your notary guides you in how to manage your company’s assets every day, and can answer all your questions regarding:

  • The acquisition, holding and arbitration of your professional real estate;
  • Managing your assets in view of the particularities of your activity and your professional position (analysis of your matrimonial regime, power of attorney, posthumous power of attorney, last will and testament, etc.).

Benefiting from the expertise of a notary for your company will allow you to make decisions confidently, and protect your company as well as your personal assets.

Prud’homme & Baum, notaries in a Partnership, Paris,
advises and guides you every step of the way.